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Are Decaleco wall decals repositionable/reusable?

The material of our decals is so thin that it is unfortunately not repositionable or reusable.

How to remove Decaleco wall decals? Will it leave any damage to my wall?

Just peel it off your wall. Decaleco wall decals are easily removable. The high quality vinyl we are using should not leave any marks or any damage. However, this depends on your wall and paint conditions and some touch-ups may be required. Please be aware that Decaleco is not responsible for any damage.

**Hint: heating up the decal with a hair dryer will help to remove the decal since it will weaken the bond between the decal and the wall.

Can I use Decaleco wall decals in a not-so-dry environment such as my bathroom?

Yes. Each Decaleco wall decal can be used in bathroom. You can apply our wall decals on the tiles of your bathroom and it will work just fine, even if it gets a lot of water on it every day. Just remember to dry the surface before applying the decal. However, our wall decals may lose their stickiness if they are in a very hot environment (sauna, …).

What is the durability of Decaleco wall decals?

Our high quality, matte finished, thin vinyl is rated up to 3 years for an outdoor usage and can last several more years indoor.

How to apply Decaleco wall decals on my wall?

Decaleco wall decals are very easy to apply. Just follow the instructions you receive with your decal. Your wall or surface needs to be dry, clean of dust and not freshly painted.

What kind of surface can Decaleco wall decals be applied on?

The smoother the better. Decaleco wall decals stick very well on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, ceramic tiles, metals, and most of the indoor walls. Even if your wall is a bit rough, our decals will still stick perfectly and your wall will look like a painted wall. However, our wall decals may not stick on textured or very rough surfaces.