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Tick tock tick tock… Don’t rely on that clock to be on time for your appointment! Though it doesn’t give you the time, this clock and its mechanism give you a nice and original wall decal.

Remember that good old fashioned stop watch? This wall decal, reminiscent of that design, is perfect if you want a unique design for your wall without having to look through antique shops. It’s available in 24 colors and 2 sizes so you can get the one that will match a key furniture in your living space.

Dimensions (W x H)

Wall decal comes in 2 sizes.

  • Small: 13.8″ (35 cm) x 17.8″ (45.3 cm)
  • Large: 27.6″ ( 70 cm) x 35.7″ (90.6 cm)

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