Monsters R Watching U


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These friendly monsters will watch over your kids while they play and they will also make sure your kids go to bed on time … otherwise… who knows what they are capable of… (To say the truth, they never ate anybody… so far…). Get creative with these monsters by choosing their color. Choose three colors for the monsters.

The wall decal is available in 24 colors and it comes in 3 pieces (as shown in picture). Feel free to cut the decal and arrange the layout of the decal to suit your taste.

Dimensions (W x H)

  • Monster 1: 14.88″ (37.8 cm) x 27.28″ (69.3 cm)
  • Monster 2: 28.86″ (47.9 cm) x 27.28″ (69.3 cm)
  • Monster 3: 17.32″ (44 cm) x 19.06″ (48.4 cm)

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