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Lovely Birds on A Branch


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Product Description

Get the feel of nature without bringing soil, a cage, or anything that requires maintenance with this wall decal! These two lovely birds twitting on a branch will bring nature to your home . Enjoy their accompaniment at any corner or any edge of your wall. Perk up that unnoticed corner in your home by installing a nonchalant bird, and see how the mood changes in that area. Choose two colors (from 24 the 24 colors available) for the branch and birds.

The wall decal comes in 1 piece (as shown in picture).

Dimensions (W x H)

  • Size of Design: 26.8″ (68 cm) x 5.1″ (13 cm)

More Options

Flock of 12 Butterflies

Flock of 24 Butterflies



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