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Retro Galaga-like Arcade Game with Space Invaders


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Be proud of being a nerd with this retro wall decal that will remind you the old days when you were playing those wonderful shooting games. Shoot ’em up before they invade our planet and beat the high score. Choose four colors for the top invaders, middle invaders, bottom invaders + 1UP +Hi-Score and Spaceship + scores.

The wall decal is available in 24 colors. Each item of this wall decal can be easily cut with scissors in order to create your own design.

Dimensions (W x H)

Wall decal comes in 2 sizes.

  • Large: 27.6″ (70 cm) x 34.8″ (88.3 cm)
  • Giant: 83.8″ (212.8 cm) x 59″ (150 cm)

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