Royal Chandelier


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Product Description

Mimic the grandness of exquisite mansions and castles without breaking an arm and leg with this stunning royal chandelier wall decal. Your living room will never look the same again once you install this fine piece of art. This contemporary wall decal is also perfect to adorn your high ceiling stairwell and dining room.

This wall decal is available in 24 colors and it comes in 1 piece (as shown in picture). When your decal arrives, all you need to do is to separate the Chandelier and the Strings. You can cut short the strings or join them together to fit the height of your ceiling.

Dimensions (W x H)

  • Chandelier: 19.9″ (50.6 cm) x 23.8″ (60.4 cm)
  • String: 23.8″ (60.4 cm) in height

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