Have you guys checked out our 2012 Halloween wall decals? Halloween is less than 2 weeks away from now. Have you taken care of everything on your check list yet?

Pumpkin wall decals for Halloween• Costumes for everyone (don’t forget your puppies)? CHECKED!

• Lots of candies and chocolates for the “trick or treat” children in your neighborhood? CHECKED!

• Some tombstones and pumpkins in your garden? CHECKED!

• Fake cotton-like spider webs or 'real ones' (that can happen easily if you don't clean up your house : p)? CHECKED!

• What about those electric mechanical and screaming gadgets such as hands that comes out from the bowl of snacks, or hanging skeleton and bats to welcome your hosts? CHECKED!

• And of course, some Halloween wall decals from your favorite wall decals designers… 

Halloween Wall Decals

In celebrating of upcoming Halloween, Decaleco introduces you 'The Awesome 2012 Halloween Wall Decals Collection'. Removable Halloween wall decals are great for your Halloween party, simply because they look like paint on walls, creating a totally spooky Halloween feel for your party space. Who is going to paint their walls just for a seasonal event? What a chore it would be… and don't worry, our wall decals can be easily removed (just peel them off) once the Halloween season is over. Mix and match our Halloween wall decals, we are sure you can create an original Halloween wall art that is full of personalities this year. Here, we proudly present Our 2012 Halloween Wall Decals Collection to you:

  • Set of 3 Pumpkins
    Halloween is made to scare people, but also must be a funny family event. That’s why we have created this set of “Angry”, the scary pumpkin, “Happy”, and “Crazy” (our favorite).

  • Set of 6 Spiders
    This set comes with spider web wires whose length can be adjusted. You can have those spiders hanging from your ceiling or from a light switch.

  • Spider web
    Ideal to place at one of top corners of your wall.

  • Witch
    She is flying in the sky, but no one knows what ingredients she is looking for to complete her magic potion.

  • Set of 3 Ghosts
    Those ones have no names because nobody knows their story. We were told that they have been seen stealing some candies in the past.

  • Bats and moon
    Gives an impression of motion with the bats coming towards your wall.

  • Crows and branch
    Perfect to install at the edge of a wall or shelf.

If you like our 2012 Halloween removable wall decals collection, you may also be interested in our Bundle that includes all the decals described above at a special discount.

Lastly, even though we are talking about removable WALL decals, don’t forget that the high quality vinyl we are using is water resistant and is perfect for an outdoor use, meaning that you can easily create an original Halloween decoration for your car, such as the one shown in the picture below.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE with our Halloween wall decals!



  • https://www.slicksgraphics.com/ Alissa Yap

    These are great designs but what if Halloween is over? Will these car decals be easy to remove. I think its best just to have decors for the Halloween celebration because car decals are more for long term. But it still depends upon a person's personal preference.

    • https://www.decaleco.com Decaleco

      Hi Alissa, yes Halloween decals are seasonal decals. The same way you decorate your home for Halloween, you definitely don’t want to have the decals on your walls or on your car during Summer. These decals are very easy to remove (just peel them off) and don’t leave any residues on the car. That’s a great way to show people that Halloween is coming, and it’s very funny for people to follow a car with those designs at the back of it.