Decaleco is participating in a FedEx Small Business Grant Contest to win a grant of $25,000. Watch the VIDEO why you should vote for us…


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Vote for Decaleco Removable Wall Decals at FedEx 2012

Please vote for us here, so that we stand a chance to win this grant. 
You can vote EVERY DAY until Nov 24, 2012.

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Here's a little bit about us…

Decaleco, born out of the will to solve wall decorating limitations at rental properties, offers high quality wall decals that are removable and look like paint on walls. We started this business a year ago as a 2-person online company and we envision providing everyone an affordable alternative to transform a dull, boring space into a cozy home that is full of personalities. Because we design and manufacture the decals ourselves, we have helped many people turning their ideas into reality.

If you want to know more about us, you can check out Our Story.

Why should we win a FedEx grant of $25,000?

Our creative designs and great customer service have extended our products into international market. However, many consumers are still new to removable wall decals. Not only would a grant be the recognition of an artist's hard work, but it will also help us in educating more consumers about wall decals globally by increasing our company's online visibility. With the grant, we will also be able to increase the efficiency of our packaging and shipping operations for our international customers.

How are we going to use the grant if we win?

The grant will first help us in expanding our advertising campaign to create more brand awareness in the online community. It will allow us to move the manufacturing facility from home to a warehouse as well as to invest in more cutting machines for higher productivity. We will also invest in premium packaging that is not only designed for efficient shipping but also suitable to approach both national and international retailers. With this FedEx grant, our company can grow bigger and better.

So, please support us by Voting HERE. One vote every day until Nov 24, 2012 and we can make this happen together! 

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Update (3/1/2013):

We are glad to announce that Decaleco has been awarded a $1,000 Small Business Grant and given an Honorable Mention by FedEx for being the Top 12 companies that stood out from 3,500 participating companies. We are so excited about the award and the recognition, and we felt so grateful for your month-long support and votes. Thank you to each of you who has been there for us! We will continue to do our best in providing you quality products and excellent customer service! : )


Thanks for your votes,

Felice and Ben