Whether you hold backyard parties or go trick-or-treating, Halloween offers fun events for everyone. With these affordable outdoor Halloween decorations, you can add simple touches to your front porch or turn your yard into a spooky display.

You can find discount Halloween decorations everywhere. To make shopping easier for you, we came up with a list of some of the best Halloween exterior decors.


Fun and Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations


These Halloween wall decals are scary yet adorable. Perfect to stick them as a border of your front door to welcome the kids who will knock on your door and ask for candies.



This 20 feet wide black spider is a great addition to your Halloween outdoor decorations. It can be hanged on your porch or garden as its legs adjust to fit any size of a room. It is made of plastic, lightweight and easy to hang.



To whom do these bones belong? These skeletons add a perfect touch to your graveyard while placing them beside your front door will make anyone who steps on your porch squirm.




Halloween decorating won’t be complete without tombstones. This will turn your garden into a creepy cemetery giving trick-or-treaters a ghostly pathway, making for a gripping nighttime walk.



Halloween doesn’t always have to be too scary. Hang these friendly ghosts on your mailbox, front door or patio walls so your guests know they are welcome.



This special event won’t be complete without the classic Jack O’Lantern. Place a couple of these smiling monsters in your doorstep or arrange them in a straight line to create a pathway for trick-or-treaters. Comes with a light bulb and one extra fuse.



She’s creepy, white as cotton, has bloodshot eyes and floating in the air, who wouldn’t be scared of her? Hang this lady ghost from the tree or the top of your front porch.



They say Halloween is witch season. Give the walls of your home’s exterior some life by sticking this witch wall sticker. One can’t help but be bewitched with this spooky wall decor.



Ahhhh! Don’t get trapped in this spider’s web for the spider with big eyes might gobble you up alive.



Hang this creepy cloth in your patio to top off your haunted house look. It looks great, reusable and can be a part of your patio table’s centrepiece along with pumpkins, plastic cats, spiders and rats.



With these outdoor Halloween decorations, you can make your house the spookiest on the street without draining your bank account. Have fun decorating!


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