Admit it, home decorating can be expensive. If you want to spruce up your living space without breaking an arm and leg, cheap wall decals are here to your rescue.

We are giving you ten of the best discount wall decals under $25 that will make homes striking and keep wallets intact.

Cheap wall decals are not hard to find. They can be found anywhere. All it takes is a little digging to find the best deals.

10 Stylish and Cheap Wall Decals

My Daily Dose ($10)

Cheap wall decals are not just for walls, they are meant to be used on laptops and tablets as well. These cheap wall stickers look like paint on your device making it seem like they are crafted by a professional artist.


Mysterious Guest ($10)

Who is this someone hiding in your mirrors, walls, fridge and even in your toilet bowl? Sticking this cheap wall decal will add pizzazz and mystery to any part of your home that will keep you grinning all day long.



Just Married Wedding Sticker ($16)

This decal will make your “I Do’s” even sweeter. You may stick it on your car instead of the traditional flowers or install it in your walls and windows. Wherever you decide to place it, you will surely remember your special day.



Flock of 12 Butterflies Decal ($19)

Butterflies are a symbol of freedom and transformation. You can bring that vibe inside your home by sticking these cheap wall stickers. Watch them fly across your walls and be one with nature.

Flock of 12 Butterfly wall decal


Set of 20 Stars Wall Decal ($19)

Who doesn’t love looking at stars? This set will turn any area into a celestial space. Sticking it on your baby’s nursery will truly keep your little one mesmerized for hours. Stick it on your hallway walls and you’ve got an instant wall decor that’s one-of-a-kind. Plus, you can arrange each star the way you want to, perfect for unleashing the Picasso in you.



Cupid Love Romance ($23)

We know love makes the world go round. So why not create a warm home by installing this wall decal. Not only will it bond the rooms together with love but the people inside will also feel the love in the atmosphere.



Birds and Cage ($24)

Birds flying out of a cage in your home? Sounds too good to be true? Well, these discount wall decals will make it possible. Your walls will come to life setting a new mood. Plus, you don’t have to feed them or clean their cage. How great is that?



Artistic Yin Yang ($25)

Bring peace and tranquility inside your home with Artistic Yin Yang wall sticker. It’s simple, modern and very zen at the same time.



Funny Things – Dr. Seuss Quote ($25)

Add a dose of humor into your home with this Dr. Seuss wall quote decal. You can stick them anywhere, from your bedroom, kitchen to your living room. This will serve as a reminder for everyone in your home not to take life too seriously and that laughter is always the best medicine.



Set of 3 Photo Frames ($25)

Want to highlight your family photos and your best memories? This set of 3 photo frames cheap wall decor stickers are the perfect solution. They’re cute and colorful pieces. Once you place them on your walls, we guarantee you; they will be the center of attention!

set-of-3-photo-frames-cheap-wall-decalsWe still have a lot of wall decals under $25. If you are wondering where to buy wall decals, look no further and check out Decaleco – the home of affordable, quality-tested, beautiful cheap wall decals!

Have a blast spurcing up your home!


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