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Jul 29

Strength and Dignity Bible Quote – Empowering Women and Their Homes

Heads up! We have a new bible verse wall decal design! The Strength and Dignity decal is a sure-fire way to get a very important message across – women empowerment.

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Jul 22

Decaleco Behind The Scenes – How to Make Wall Decals

We are taking you behind the scenes in the making of Decaleco wall decals. If you have always wondered how your wall decals are made, then we are going to quench your curiosity.

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Jul 14

Recreating Movement and Nature With Butterfly Wall Decals

One sure sign of a well-maintained garden is a butterfly flying around the leaves and flowers. However, Butterflies don’t need to be confined in your garden, though.

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Nov 12

[Video] Vote for Decaleco at Fedex Small Business Grant Contest 2012

Decaleco is participating in a FedEx Small Business Grant Contest to win a grant of $25,000. Watch the VIDEO why you should vote for us…

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Oct 18

Halloween Wall Decals – Before and After Decorated Wall

Have you guys checked out our 2012 Halloween wall decals? Halloween is less than 2 weeks away from now. Have you taken care of everything on your check list yet?

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Oct 01

Welcome to our new website!

Hi everyone,

we're glad to have you here as we have spent the last 3 weeks designing this website ourselves. We really hope you like it!

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