Heads up! We have a new bible verse wall decal design! The Strength and Dignity decal is a sure-fire way to get a very important message across – women empowerment.

We know how much you love the nuggets of wisdom buried in the meaning of quotations. This week’s featured design is dedicated to women.  As the saying goes, “She is clothed with Strength and Dignity and she laughs without Fear of the Future."

The Real Meaning Behind This Bible Verse Quote

Strength and splendour are her clothing, her outside appearance. This woman carries herself ably and her labours are rewarding. Because she feels confident and secure and has the courage necessary to face the adversities of life, this woman has no fear of what the future may bring.

strength and dignity bible verse wall decals

Such beautiful meaning, don’t you think? Spiritual Wall Sayings such as this gives a sensation of being inside a motivational book. Each time we look at it, we feel empowered. We know you will too.

Versatile Wall Decals – Install Them Anywhere You Want

As you can see, we made sure the Strength and Dignity bible proverbs quotes design is classy and minimalist and since we like to add that special “Decaleco touch”, we crafted each letter delicately, making the message stand out. Its intricateness makes it so aristocratic, thus, one will find it impossible not to fall in love with this piece.

Just like the removable wall decals we offer, you can install this just about anywhere you want to as long as it is a dry, even and smooth surface. Whether you stick it on your bedroom walls, living room walls, windows, etc. this vinyl wall art emanate sophistication, intriguing and enticing anyone who dare enter and lay eyes on your home.

We designed the Strength and Dignity removable wall decals to give your space a mix of fantastic stylishness and functionality while adding a cozy feel to your abode. We have 24 matte finished colors for you to choose from and this can be adjusted to the size you wish. We are giving you full authority to personalize your vinyl wall art down to the last detail!

Now who says quotations cannot be inspirational, spiritual and decorative at the same time?

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